Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cogeneration Project

Cambridge, Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cogeneration Project applies new technology to achieve energy conservation by cutting costs and reducing pollution through the self-generation of much of its power. The ten-year, $40 million cogeneration project uses a 20-megawatt natural gas turbine to simultaneously produce electricity, steam heat, and chilled water supporting neighboring MIT buildings and facilities. It does this by utilizing waste heat from the gas turbine, which generates steam resulting in significant environmental benefits. Before new designs and upgrades could be prepared for the 108,000 square-foot plant, the project needed accurate documentation of the existing conditions.

The physical layout of various systems within the plant presented a challenge. Three dimensional laser scanning and modeling services provided a comprehensive update of mechanical electrical systems and structural supports. Twenty-three consecutive days were dedicated to scanning the facility, and the scanning effort was completed on schedule.