Land Surveying

Professional Land Surveying (PLS) re-establishes boundaries based on historical documents, record monuments and physical evidence of occupation. It also maps surfaces and other site features, supports data acquisition, land division, and construction projects. Since our founding in 1990, Meridian Associates has completed and applied PLS stamps to thousands of Surveys for public and private clients across Massachusetts.

Based on collected data and field measurements we support engineering and architectural design and establish informational groundwork for a successful project outcome. We provide comprehensive site research, and we acquire all available record documents. Our field crews perform accurate on-site measurement and data collection. It is our attention to detail that makes us passionate to achieve the most accurate boundary determination that is based on available research and field survey measurements.

Meridian Associates delivers accurate maps and plans, including property lines, topography, and subdivision of land. We map resource areas, Right-of-Way utility projects and deliver surface volume calculations. We support construction projects with 2D plans and 3D BIM modeling from the initial site stakeout to as-built documents. As part of our Geospatial program, we utilize the most accurate survey equipment that includes total stations, GPS units, 3D laser scanners and UAS platforms for LiDAR and photogrammetry.


Topographic mapping

Boundary retracement surveys

ALTA/ACSM title insurance surveys

Construction layout and support

Deformation survey and monitoring

Volume analysis/quantity verification

GIS support services


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• Housing

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• Water resources