Energy & Utilities

Meridian Associates offers state-of-the-art engineering, survey, and laser scanning services to help energy clients develop infrastructure, harness the power of renewable energy, optimize existing infrastructure and resources, and communicate through smart grid technology. We work with a variety of energy providers, including oil and gas, solar/photovoltaics, nuclear, and cogeneration.

Meridian is a leader in managing water and wastewater in the oil and gas industry, providing design-build, engineering and surveying services for upstream, midstream and downstream projects. Our survey managers have successfully completed large-scale surveys involving several crews. Further, our engineers routinely design and construct water-related projects, overseeing all aspects from procurement and scheduling to startup and engaging.

As one of the most successful engineering and survey firms in the Northeast, we have the resources to apply innovative technologies – such as aerial LiDAR, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and laser scanning – to provide faster data collection, improve accuracies, and create safer worksites. In fact, Meridian’s in-house research indicates that up to 8 miles of topographic data can be collected per day using UAS, vs 1 mile per day using conventional surveying.

Throughout the firm and in all our projects, Meridian Associates maintains a culture of safety and awareness. The Meridian team is committed to the innovation and resource efficiencies that lead to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.