3D Laser Scanning

In a perfect world . . . Interior and exterior facilities renovation teams afford ample time to survey their project, and great flexibility in the means and methods used. Most often, however, this is not the case. Demanding timeframes and challenging occupant-related restrictions produce rigid project constraints. During such projects traditional survey approaches fall short. A more “stealth” approach is required.

 In the real world . . . Facilities renovation teams should instead turn to three-dimensional (3D) laser scanning, also known as high-definition surveying. 3D-laser scanning is the fastest, most robust, and accurate method for capturing existing conditions, and measuring and documenting the built environment. Meridian has deployed this technology since 2007 supporting hundreds of facilities interior and exterior projects in Massachusetts and across the United States. These projects require laser-precision and speedy completion with minimal to no impact on facility occupants.


Commercial, Retail & Mixed-Use

Education – Public, Private & Higher-ed

Housing – Multi-family

Industrial & Manufacturing

Municipal – Facilities, Infrastructure

Pharma/Biotech – Corporate Spaces, R&D


Building renovations

  Interiors – MEP/FP, HVAC, architectural, structural

  Exteriors – facades, windows, roofs, bridges …





  Asset management