Avalon at Hathorne Hill

Danvers, Massachusetts

As part of a redevelopment project, Avalon Properties sought to preserve one-third of the historic Kirkbride building on the 500-acre former Danvers State Hospital property. Through the use of 3D laser scanning and state-of-the-art mapping technology, the ornate brick and granite exterior facade was captured. The interior was digitally scanned, following the partial demolition, to develop a detailed report of the architectural elevations. These scans aided in the preservation of the original interior structure.

By utilizing remote sensing capability to dimensionally detail elevated areas of the building, we were able to eliminate the need for expensive man lifts and a costly staging process. This allowed contractors to meet construction schedules and maximize the safety of onsite personnel. The use of 3D laser scanning technology in historic structures provides a digital archive with a high degree of accuracy.