City of Chelsea | City-Wide Mobile LiDAR

Chelsea, Massachusetts

Meridian Associates provided LiDAR and GIS services to support a city-wide effort to separate the City of Chelsea’s sewer and storm water systems and update its GIS database.

Meridian deployed a mobile mapping vehicle along all 44 miles of public roadways in the City to collect billions of laser measurements and tens of thousands of high-resolution images. The comprehensive point cloud database was used to create a seamless Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for modeling and designing the staged replacement of the City’s sewer system. Furthermore, the survey grade data has served as an informational database for the City to utilize for asset management and future design and construction drawings for infrastructure improvement projects 

Chelsea has seen dividends, in the form of cost savings and expedited project timelines, from the forward-looking dataset. Meridian was able to immediately leverage the existing LiDAR data to extract features for two separate two and half linear mile existing conditions surveys.